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Matching Weathered Silver Cedar

Sep 2015

Western Red Cedar weathers naturally to a beautiful silver finish that requires no maintenance to maintain. Depending on the sunlight and moisture in the air, the silvering color changes. In this project, Owner Mike Gould wanted to match an existing barn next to the home. How well did we do?

Western Red Cedar

Whether left natural, painted or stained, cedar is truly a medium for artistic visions. In the case of Mike Gould, he simply desired to match an existing structure already on the property. The barn was sided with a traditional western board & bat siding style that had aged for years to a dark silver weathered look. Sound Cedar supplied the wood, mother nature did the coloring.

Select Tight Knot Cedar (STK S1S2E)

1x4 & 1x12 STK Cedar S1S2E Board & Bat SidingWe supplied Mike with 1x4 and 1x4 STK Green S1S2E (surfaced 1 side and 2 edges) western red cedar. We shipped the lumber to his home where it weathered naturally for over a year and as you can see, the results match the existing aged barn very well.

Mike wrote;

"We are so pleased with the materials Sound Cedar provided. Our challenge was to construct and finish our new home (utilizing both new material and reclaimed material from a nearby 100 plus year old barn) in a fashion that complimented the 92 year old barn the home sits next to. After just one year, the new cedar on our home has aged to a patina that is plausibly close to that of the barn."

"Although our landscaping is not yet finished, I think you can get a sense of how well the new cedar worked for us."

We agree Mike, and thank you for sharing your project. Click below to view the pictures.

Board & Bat Siding