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Ever Ready AV Model

Made for the fast paced American lifestyle, the Ever Ready Sauna heater offers a breakthrough in Sauna heating. There is no 30 minute heat up time--the Sauna is ready when you are!

AV EVERREADY Sauna HeaterThanks to micro-ceramic insulating technology (similar to that used in the space program) and large stone capacity, the Ever Ready stores thermal energy. Unlike conventional heaters that are only on when used, the AV uses 250 watts to maintain constant readiness. One can enter the Sauna room, pop open the heater lid, and instantly enjoy the softest heat and outstanding steam production. In standby mode the Ever Ready only consumes the equivalent energy of 3 light bulbs. The AV also has a 1 hour booster timer for higher temperatures. Ideal for home use, the heater needs no fence because it has the coolest casing of any Sauna heater on the market. Caution! This Sauna is habit forming! Available in 4.4 and 6.5 KW sizes. Recommended for residential use only. Made in Finland.

Size Chart

AV Sauna Size Chart