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JM Model

This compact 110V-220V Sauna heater is a space saver in a small room. Measuring only 12" wide x 9" deep x 25" high, it has the only built-in heater fence in the industry. Unlike other heaters of its size which are light weight, the Compact has heavy-duty deluxe stainless steel construction for strength and durability.


JM Compact Sauna Heater

  • 110V-220V
  • 12" wide x 9" deep x 25" high
  • Lighted control panel at the top of the heater for easy and safe operation-it can be interchanged to left or right side of heater
  • A removable tray which is attached to the bottom of the heater to catch excess water and prevent leakage of water to the floor.
  • Available in 1.7, 2, and 3 KW sizes.

Size Chart

JM Compact Sauna Heater Size Chart